Stress & Wellbeing Workshop

In-depth look into mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Also covering how to recognise signs and symptoms of stress, what it means to you and promoting wellbeing.

Available as a 60-minute and 90-minute session.

Critical Conversations Workshop

We provide workshops and support to those interested in learning more about having important discussions in the workplace, especially those that some may find difficult such as race and racism.

Available as a 60-minute and 90-minute session.

Wellbeing & Mental Health Workshop

Discussing looking after your mental health and maintaining wellbeing in the workplace. Managing burnout and how to promote a positive work-life balance. How to spot the signs that somebody may not be okay, and where we can go for support.

Available as a 60-minute session.

Money in Mind Workshop

In-depth look into the relationship between mental health and money, linking our moods to spending patterns, and other challenges we face associated with money.

Available as a 90-minute session.

Partners and Funders

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