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Through working together our hope is that individuals feel more
confident and empowered in their lives.

What is it?

Mind in Haringey and Mind in Enfield are working with North Middlesex University Hospital (NMUH) A&E to support vulnerable individuals that frequently use the A&E department.

It was identified by NMUH that many patients who attended A&E were experiencing mental health issues and not physical injury. It has been recognised that these individuals could use other help in the community but do not have the knowledge or resources to do so.

The Helping Hands Community Care Project is tailormade to each individual as each one of us is unique and entitled to a fulfilling life that offers an opportunity for growth and inclusion, regardless of mental and physical ability, ethnicity, gender, age, or religion. Offering the individual, the opportunity to express what support they feel they need, and to design their own pathway to growth and to reach their goals. 

Who is it for?

Individuals will be identified and triaged by North Middlesex Hospital A&E and referred directly to Mind in Haringey’s and Mind in Enfield’s Helping Hands: Community Care. 

Our aim is to respond to the high volume of individuals that attend A&E due to experiencing mental health issues. We believe that everyone’s journey is different and we want to work in collaboration with the individual. The plan is guided by the individual’s needs and own choices.


How does it work?

We will work together with the referred individuals to create an action plan addressing their needs. We will use a person-centred approach for up to 8 weeks of intervention. Our main goals will be to assess needs/barriers preventing individuals from recovery, work together with individuals to create their personal action plans and increase wellbeing, confidence, social integration and independence. Monitor and evaluate outcomes and progress and promote and encourage independence through self-management and recovery.

The Helping Hands: Community Care Project not only supports the person on a one-to-one basis but also refers them to other organisations so they are able to continue their journey of growth and mental wellbeing.


Please note that all individuals for our project are referred to us from the North Middlesex Hospital A&E department.

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