About Us

Mind in Haringey provides information, advice and support to people affected by mental health problems, primarily in Haringey. We work to prevent mental health problems, promote mental wellbeing and ensure those experiencing a mental health problem are respected and included in our local community.

Our vision is to help enable and support positive mental wellbeing, to improve lives.


Mental health in Haringey

One in four people are affected by mental health problems in Haringey, out of a population of 225,000 that’s over 54,000 people. This includes 2,413 children and young people. There are 15,987 carers in Haringey.

We offer high quality services to local residents seeking mental health advice and support. Our services include, counselling, advocacy and wellbeing workshops.

Mental health problems can happen to anyone and most people recover. We are committed to raising awareness of mental health issues and to tackling the stigma and discrimination that is often the biggest barrier to recovery.

We support service users in their recovery by working with patients, families, carers, children and young people, professionals, and those with undiagnosed mental health conditions.

Our history

Mind in Haringey was formed in 1974. The first service was a Sunday lunch club, run by volunteers which evolved into an activities centre. The initial vision was to ensure that local people with mental health problems could have somewhere to go for a hot meal and as a form of social support, meeting and mixing with other people.

We work in partnership with Haringey Borough Council, Haringey CCG/NHS and we are committed to collaborations with other community and voluntary organisations. 

As a local Mind and part of the Mind charity federation we receive quality assurance inspections in order to continue to be part of the federation and maintain the Mind ‘quality mark’. We have very good relationships with smaller mental health charities within Haringey and neighbouring London Minds.

Partners and Funders

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