What is it? 

The BAME Wellbeing Advocacy Service is part of the Haringey Wellbeing Network (HWN) supporting racialised communities in Haringey with their holistic needs, towards better mental health, wellbeing and independence. 

The is a short-term service (up to 3 months) where you will be allocated a fully trained advocate who can advocate on your behalf to support with things like, benefit applications and appeals, contact your landlord to resolve disrepair, accompany to appointments, source training and employment opportunities, ensure you have an annual physical health check and socially prescribe you to local wellbeing activities. We also offer a BAME Peer-Support for people that have a care-coordinator. 


How does it work? 

  • Use motivational interviewing to complete personalised assessments and goal plans, focused on improving resilience and self-confidence 
  • Assist with service navigation, understanding and exercising choices about support and making onward referrals, primarily using social prescribing 
  • Provide time-limited support and encouragement to complete identified goals 
  • Offer time-limited, issue-based advocacy to assist with making decisions about your treatment, care and support 
  • Offer time-limited, issue-based advocacy to assist with solutions to social, personal or practical issues that are of concern to you, by ensuring that your voice is heard and that you understand and can utilise your civil and human rights 
  • Help develop your own support systems including self-advocacy and self-management, and so reduce your need to access intensive, high-cost services 

“I was looking for an organisation that understood my unfair experience with mental health services as a Black person. The BAME Wellbeing Service is just that and has connected me to other people and organisations. I am now looking forward to training to become a Peer-Researcher with Black Thrive where my voice will shape and support the mental health treatment of other people in Haringey.” 

Social Prescribing 

Social prescribing offers members practical support for managing their own mental health problems, encouraging individuals to take control through self-management. It enables the service to refer members to local and non-clinical services, supporting their mental health and wellbeing in a holistic way. 

  • Offering information and advice about mental health, services, support, and self-management 
  • Available by phone, text, online and face to face 
  • Screening assessments to understand people’s circumstances better 
  • Connects people with support and community resources 
  • Motivates and encourages people 
  • Directs people to specialist advice and support services, e.g. Citizen’s Advice, housing support 


How can I access it? 

Please complete the self-referral form below and we will get back to you in the next couple of days. 

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