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What is it?

This programme builds on the success of the Great Mental Health Programme and aims to achieve wellbeing equity by providing community-based interventions and initiatives to improve the mental well-being of Haringey residents. The Project envisage funding and training Grassroots Organisations to become Wellbeing Ambassadors in the section of the Community they serve.


Who are we working with?



House of Polish & European community provides a warm welcome to people from Poland and other European countries. Get in touch for a chat over tea or to get help with a specific query. They provide support in various languages, namely Polish, French & English. With advance booking, interpreters can be arranged for other languages. 
Coffee Mornings September Mondays 10 to 12, wood green libraries 
Mental Health Workshops from the 12th of September 10 to 12 
Music for Mental Health, date to be published soon 


Hopec | Haringey Connected

[email protected]    
Tel: + 44 7308 230 008 

Community Cook-up

Community Cook Up brings residents of all cultures, generations and walks of life together, to cook and eat healthy food. CCU promotes a sense of belonging, social inclusion and wellbeing with a free nutritious meal, a warm welcome, a listening ear, lively conversation, and an invitation to get involved. 

Every Thursday:
Food Bank 10am to 12pm 

Location: The Eric Allin Community Centre, Northumberland Park, London
(Full address: Kenneth Robbins House, 236 Northumberland Park, London N17 0SY)

Every Tuesday and Friday:
Theatre Workshops 12pm to 2pm 
Haircut for Mental Wellbeing: 1pm to 3pm 
Pictures for Wellbeing 1pm to 3pm 
Befriending groups and 1to1 peer support 12pm to 4pm 

Hosted by the Community Cook Up and the Bridge of Hope.

Location: Ministry of Praise 46 Manor Rd, London N17 0JJ.

Community Cook Up
[email protected]    
Tel: +44 7734 145 375 

You vs You

You vs You is a positive approach to support the development of all young people. Youvsyou  wants to support people to have bright futures, enjoy fulfilling lives and realise their potential through positive relationships and exciting opportunities. it Plans to create communities that enable young people to thrive and flourish to be hopeful, focused and successful. 
Wednesdays: Social Football for adults and youth 4pm to 6pm and 7pm to 9pm 
One Day a month: Ice skating with the youth  
One day a month: Swimming with the youth 
One day a month: Visiting London landmarks
[email protected]   
Tel: +44 7493 649726 

4U2 Magazine, Sewn Together

4U2 a multi themed quarterly Newsmag with a real human interest.  Aims to provide honest, fun practical, content for the community to share informative news and views in print and on line. Sewn Together offers a range of activities at Chestnuts Community center, targeted to improve Mental health in the community and to reduce Social isolation.

Monday: Slow Stitch Meditation 6pm to 7pm 
Tuesday: Art Creativity for Adults, 4pm to 6pm 
Wednesday: Mapping of the Mind Group, 6pm to 7pm 
Thursday: Garment construction Group  
Friday: Night Cap, Music, Songs, Dance and Movies
[email protected]   
Tel: 077 7822 4342 


TCCA, provides culturally, linguistically, and religiously sensitive services to Turkish Cypriot and Turkish people residing in the UK. As an organisation it bridges gaps in inequality and poverty, via the development of needs led projects. 


Mental health Monday live every Monday at 8pm on the TCCA Tv and Radio channel.
Also 10 workshops to be presented at the TCCA conference room in Green lanes in production with dates to be published soon.
Workshops will be: stress, loneliness, bereavement, wellbeing, relationship breakdown, domestic violence, abuse, mental health caused by debt,  long term physical health conditions, unemployment leading to mental health issues.
[email protected]   
Tel: 0208 826 1080 

How does it help?

Based on THRIVE Framework five categories: Thriving, Getting Advice and Signposting, Getting Help, Getting More Help and Getting Risk Support.

Aspect 1: Communications and engagement – culturally and linguistically appropriate information that is accessible to targeted resident groups – including where support is available. Disseminated via websites, leaflets, posters, weekly online bulletins and via social media.

Aspect 2: Community Wellbeing Ambassadors – are volunteers embedded within participating grassroots community organisations. They are trusted, understand the cultures and speak targeted community languages. The Ambassadors are trained and will assist with the provision of information to targeted residents, signposting to digital wellbeing offers and co-delivery of wellbeing activities.

Aspect 3: Community wellbeing interventions – co-produced and co-delivered with priority resident groups including those who are lonely or socially isolated.  

How can I access it?


If you are interested in coming along to any of the activities listed above or want more information on this project please contact [email protected] or call 02038379414. We would be delighted to hear from you.  

Partners and Funders

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