Deborah was a fantastic trainer, very informative and really helped the group get involved, but always making sure everyone was comfortable to talk about their experiences, Great course, would definitely recommend to others.


We are delighted to have completed Mental Health First Aid training with a selection of the Atrium team. The organisation has shown tremendous commitment and drive to support its employees’ wellbeing and mental health. It is great to see an organisation that is proactive in taking a strategic approach to employee wellbeing. There is real value in creating a work environment that addresses mental health stigma and allows for honest and open communication.


At Virtual1, we’re committed to supporting all of our colleagues’ wellbeing – whether physical, mental or financial. With more than a third of our lives spent at work, we believe that is essential that we help our colleagues’ stay happy and healthy, so that they can flourish and reach their full potential…and thanks to Mind Haringey, we can continually provide this support.

Deborah executed the session very well keeping the whole team engaged and encouraging the team to share their thoughts and experiences. There are times I suffer with my mental health so found the session very useful.

My key take aways would be being able to find the trust and assurance of either team members or others in teams to be able to talk to openly having that safe and reliable space to know you can open up and talk. That to me is the hardest part – the session however was extremely refreshing.

We delivered mental health training to 250 line managers over 18 months, developing a ‘train the trainer’ programme to ensure all line managers at Lloyds Banking Group can access the training moving forward.


Developing a culture in the workplace where employers are seen to look after their employees is essential to creating a reassured workforce and an environment where colleagues understand that they are able to talk about their wellbeing in confidence without being judged.

Richard Grieg, Induction Design Lead, Lloyds Banking Group

An amazing, enlightening and informative course…Mental Health has too long been an issue that has been ignored and de-prioritised. Line managers are often the first line of defence and also the ones best placed to improve the culture of the team.

Lloyds Banking Group, Participant feedback, May 2018

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