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Coronavirus Information from the NHS

  • Please continue to take action to protect your family and community from a second wave of COVID
  • Shop, work and relax safely by avoiding close contact with people outside your household, maintaining social distancing, wearing face coverings on public transport and washing your hands regularly​
  • If you have symptoms of cough, fever or loss of smell or taste, get tested and isolate with your household until you know the results of your test​
  • If you have symptoms, get a free test from the NHS either from the NHS website, or dial 119 from any phone​
  • If you are unwell, the local NHS is safe and here for you for both your physical and mental health
  • If you need medical help from your GP you can contact them either by phone or online​
  • For urgent medical help or if you are facing a mental health crisis, use the NHS 111 online service or call 111
  • For a serious or life-threatening emergency call 999
  • If you have been told to go to hospital it is important that you go, and continue to attend your scheduled appointments unless you have been told not to attend

Mental Health Support:

  • NHS is here to support your mental health during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as your physical health
  • If you are concerned about the mental health of your child, please contact your GP or check online self-referral options for under 18 years olds at: Stress and Anxiety
  • If you are facing mental health issues contact your GP or key worker, if you have one, and continue to access your mental health services as usual. We are also still open for new referrals, via your GP or online
  • If you’re experiencing stress and anxiety, you can get further information, including how to self-refer to psychological therapies at:
  • If you are facing a mental health crisis, use the NHS 111 online service. If you cannot get help online, call 111

NHS Hospital Emergency

Posted on: 22nd July 2020

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