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Book of Remembrance

A virtual book of remembrance for people who have been bereaved during COVID-19 pandemic is being launched in Haringey. For many, the loss of their loved ones has been made all the more painful by the necessary restrictions on funerals, travel and gatherings.

The virtual book of remembrance is here to help us remember; not just to recall our loss and sorrow, but also to be thankful for everything good that those we have loved brought into our lives, and all that they have given to others.

The Mayor of Haringey, Cllr Sheila Peacock, has launched the book with a video.

The family, friends and carers of those who have died of COVID-19 and were living in Haringey can submit the name and a short message in honor of the deceased.

We work closely with people from all across the borough of Haringey, which is why we recognise the multitudes of sacrifices and losses being experienced throughout our community during this pandemic.

We want to share your stories. We want to offer our deepest sympathies to each and every one of you that has lost a loved one. We want to help memorialize your loved ones, so that they are remembered for their lives and not their deaths.

We also want to pay tribute to our emergency services and other key workers, who show us each day their dedication to helping others.

In these unprecedented times, we must support one another as a community.

Please send your thoughts and wishes for those affected or tributes to those you have lost to: [email protected]

The virtual book will be available on the following websites:

1. Haringey Clinical Commissioning Group

2. Haringey Council

3. Mind in Haringey

4. Bridge Renewal Trust

Once it is safe to do so, we hope to hold a memorial event in Haringey to celebrate the lives of those we have lost.


Author: Mari Lavellehill
Posted on: 28th July 2020

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