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What is it?

Mind in Haringey have teamed up with Clarendon Recovery College and Barnet Enfield Haringey Mental Health Trust to create Safe Haven: a mental health crisis support line, open 7 days a week, 5pm-8pm.

Originally, the Safe Haven was a crisis café service, which aimed to provide a safe space for individuals who were at risk of a mental health crisis.  

Due to the pandemic, we have re-designed the service temporarily (until 2021) to be a virtual and over the phone service.

Who is it for?

This service is primarily for: adults aged over 18 who are living in Haringey and/or has a Haringey GP.  

How does it help?

The Safe Haven will provide short-term intervention to support individuals who are vulnerable and isolated.

The Safe Haven service delivers a non-medical intervention, working collaboratively with users to reduce the crisis and isolation; through enabling and supporting the user to develop safety/wellbeing crisis plans. 

How can I access this service?

Individuals can call into service: 0800 953 0223 (5pm-8pm daily)
Professionals can refer into service – by completing the referral form & submitting it to: [email protected]


Partners and Funders

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