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What is it?

The Psychosis Therapy Project (PTP) is a specialist therapy service for clients experiencing psychosis. It seeks to provide a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment where people may develop their own understanding of their experiences.

We offer long term one to one talking therapy for up to one year. The kind of therapy offered by the PTP rejects the notion of a ‘corrective’ model and challenges stigmatisation. It nurtures a therapeutic environment that combines containment, acceptance and validation and aims to further the development of effective psychotherapeutic interventions in the area of psychosis.

Who is it for?

The PTP is for individuals with an experience of psychosis – whether ongoing, in the past, chronic or intermittent (psychotic episodes) – with self-referrals very welcome in addition to being referred in by external partners.

We do not require any formal diagnosis of psychosis but understand psychosis as characterised by experiences such as:

  • Hearing voices
  • Seeing or sensing things that other people don’t                        
  • Experiencing unusual beliefs and paranoia
  • Experiencing invasive ideas or bodily sensations
  • Major depressive or manic episodes

Whilst the service is primarily for Haringey residents, a PTP service also takes place nearby at Mind in Islington and referrals from neighbouring boroughs can be accepted depending on availability. The service is free for Haringey residents on a low income (15k per year or less).

How does it help?

The PTP offers opportunities for psychotherapeutic treatment with a team of psychoanalytically trained practitioners working in the area of psychosis. It is committed to strategies of stabilisation and the management of persistent symptoms.

We recognise the need for a specialist one to one talking therapy service for people with an experience of psychosis. The therapeutic work we offer is long-term (up to one year), giving clients time and space on a weekly basis to articulate distressing experiences and cultivate robust and enduring solutions.

A community drop in service runs alongside the therapy sessions on a weekly basis to offer extra support to those who may need it. When some of our clients were asked what the best thing about the PTP is they responded with the following.

Finding a sympathetic ear. Being listened to is rare.

I feel less depressed and isolated.

The therapy keeps the voices from disturbing me.


How can I access it?

We welcome self-referrals from clients aged 18 years old and over. Referrals from partners such as GPs and mental health services in Haringey and neighbouring boroughs are encouraged.

For more information on the service contact [email protected] otherwise please fill out the self-referral form.

Please send your referral To:

Psychosis Therapy Project
Mind in Haringey
Station House
73C Stapleton Hall Road
N4 3QF 


Email: [email protected]

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