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Helping those struggling with addiction

In partnership with Rehabit, Mind in Haringey can now offer free counselling and peer support for those who are struggling with substance addiction.

The mission for Rehabit is to reduce the negative impact of drug and alcohol addiction in our communities and help people find relief from trauma and lead healthier, more productive lives.

Many people struggling with addiction find themselves on a road to depression, homelessness, crime, prison or early death. It sounds bleak, but that’s my experience. So our vision is that everyone has the right to recovery from addiction – and have a better chance of a fulfilling life. – Garry Durston, Trustee

Rehabit offers free counselling for one hour a week for between 12 and 24 weeks, primarily for those with limited or no funds. They also offer one-to-one peer support sessions for people who want to talk to someone with lived experience of addiction who can guide them to a recovery path. The charity is also working on plans to establish a mixed, residential, abstinence-based rehab house providing a 90-day recovery programme for those who are economically disadvantaged; beginning with a 12-week pilot programme in the community.

Who is the service aimed at?

Maybe you’ve tried to stop using drugs and alcohol but find that you can’t? Maybe your drug-taking is affecting your relationship with family, friends or partner? Maybe it’s causing you problems at work? Maybe your drinking is starting earlier in the day?  Maybe you want to stop but don’t know where to begin? If any of those ring a bell, you may want to seek help.

As a recovering addict myself, clean for 11 years, I have no hesitation is saying I believe addiction is a mental health issue. Too often I see early-life trauma at the root of people’s emotional problems. And I’d say to anyone struggling that recovery begins by asking for help. – Sean Robinson, Trustee and Vice Chair

How do I access the service?

If you feel you’re struggling with drugs or alcohol, then you can complete this online self-referral or for other addiction-related questions, contact them at [email protected].


Rehabit will then assess your request for counselling and get back to you within three working days. If the request can’t be fulfilled, everyone will get a telephone consultation or be offered a peer support session.

Partners and Funders

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