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Activities FAQs

How can I access the workshops?
There is a simple referral form that you, your care coordinator or social workers can download from the website.

Once filled in, you will be contacted and invited to meet for an informal assessment. After the assessment, a start date will be agreed as long as all the paperwork is in order.

Please note all people applying to attend workshops will be asked for a recent risk assessment or their G.P’s details so that we are able to make contact.  

Can I self refer?
Yes you can self refer, as long as you are registered with a G.P and can provide their contact details.

How much do the workshops cost?
The cost of attending the workshops depends on your income. This is to try and make the workshops fair and accessible to everyone. Below are some examples of what you may need to contribute:

Employment Support Allowance only- 3.00 per workshop.

Disability Living Allowance - 5.00 per workshop.

Personal Budget- 5.00 per workshop.

If you are living in a care home, we can also agree a rate with the care home management team.