Are you looking for resources for your organisation or practice?

Below are some useful links to PHE (Public Health England) tools and resources

  • Suicide prevention 

    Suicide - Let's talk - Training tool for how to talk about suicide

    NSPA resources for local suicide prevention planning

    Suicide prevention profiling tool

      Healthier lives - suicide rates and risk factors for each local authority area

        Identifying and responding to suicide clusters and contagion

          Preventing suicide in public place

          PHE local suicide prevention planning practice resource

              • Support after suicide

                  Guide to providing local services

                      Help is at Hand

                          Developing and delivering local bereavement support services

                              Evaluating local bereavement and support services

                                If you would like to contact the Haringey Suicide Prevention Group, either on behalf of your organisation or as an individual, please click the button below and fill out the contact form.