Parents in Mind

Parents in Mind is a newly commissioned peer support project funded by Haringey Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. It targets parents and carers of young people aged 10-18 living in the borough who are experiencing emotional and/or mental health difficulties. We run 2 fortnightly peer support groups (one in the day and one in the evening) which offers parents and carers a chance to meet peers with similar experiences and to learn more about mental health and local borough support. Parents in Mind also offer attendees the change to lead and facilitate the groups.

We encourage parents and carers to register their interest in the service by filling out a self-registration form (below) and send the form back to Kate Allen at or send it to the following postal address:

Kate Allen
Mind in Haringey
Station House 
73C Stapleton Hall Road 
London N4 3QF

Registration Form

Parents/carers are welcome to email Kate or call her on: 02083402474 for a brief chat regarding the service. 

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Peer Support group dates:

Parents/Carers are welcome to attend either the day-time or evening groups but we encourage attendees to be present for one group regularly in order to build stable peer support. 

Day time group:

All day time groups will run from 11am to 1pm at Mind in Haringey, Station House. Location for day-time groups is subject to change pending a community location arrangement.


Tuesday 31st October 2017

Tuesday 14th November 

Tuesday 28th November

Tuesday 12th December

Tuesday 26th (Boxing Day) Cancelled 

Tuesday 9th January 2018

Tuesday 23rd January

Tuesday 6th February

Tuesday 20th February

Tuesday 6th March

Tuesday 20th March

Tuesday 3rd April

Tuesday 17th April

Tuesday 1st May

Tuesday 15th May

Tuesday 29th May

Tuesday 12th June 

Tuesday 26th June

Tuesday 10th July

Tuesday 24th July

Evening group

All evening groups will run from 5-7pm at Mind in Haringey. Please note that times for the evening group are subject to change. 


Wednesday 3rd January 2018

Wednesday 17th January 

Wednesday 31st January

Wednesday 14th February 

Wednesday 28th February 

Wednesday 14th March 

Wednesday 28th March 

Wednesday 11th April 

Wednesday 25th April 

Wednesday 9th May 

Wednesday 23rd May 

Wednesday 6th June 

Wednesday 20th June 

Wednesday 4th July

Wednesday 18th July

This project is funded by Haringey Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) as part of their transformation plan:

"Improving children and young people's mental health outcomes by 2020 is a national priority. Transforming child and adolescent mental health services is vital for us to be able to meet this challenge."