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Mind in Haringey is governed by a board of volunteer trustees who all bring extensive knowledge and experience to the organisation. Our trustees ensure that we are working within our mission and values at all times and that the targets we set strive to achieve our vision.

We are recruiting for new trustees - if you are interested you can read more here.

David Pascall CBE - Chair & Acting Treasurer

Why Mind in Haringey?

I have personal experience of mental illness and live in Haringey. I am now retired from full time executive work and wish to take on non-executive chairmanships and directorships which match my interests and experience. Mind in Haringey is an excellent fit.


  • Co-opted to the Board of Trustees in July 2015 as Acting Chairman (and Acting Treasurer since December 2015).
  • Senior executive with BP for twenty five years.
  • Managing Director of Terra Firma (private equity) for eight years.
  • Technical, financial, commercial and change management experience.
  • Previously held Government positions and a range of non-executive chairman and directorship experience.

Interests: Family (3 children), golf, reading, theatre and music.

Glynnis Joffe - Vice Chair 

Why Mind in Haringey?

I live in Haringey and would like to use my experience of working in social care and listening to people living with mental health issues. I am passionate about helping to improve access to health services, housing, training and employment for those affected by mental health issues. I would like to support Mind in Haringey to achieve wider reach and ensure their services continue to develop with great benefit to service users and the community. I am also committed to improved awareness of mental health issues with the impact of achieving early preventive support and better inclusion. 


  • Over 30 years working in social services firstly as a qualified social worker.
  • 20 years as a senior manager running operational social services and commissioning provider services.
  • Close working with NHS CCGs and provider trusts offering hospital and community services including mental health services.
  • Strong interest in co-production with users of services and their families and the voluntary sector

Laura Tovell

Why Mind in Haringey?

I have personal experience of a number of mental health issues, and am strongly committed to improving services in the local area. I’ve lived in Haringey since 2014, and spent a year volunteering at Mind in Haringey in the admin department. After leaving, I was really keen to continue being involved as I believe mental health charities are becoming ever more important due to a lack in government funding for mental health issues, and I’m excited to be part of the invaluable work MiH does. 


  • Trustee at Mind in Haringey since February 2017
  • In full time training to become a registered mental health nurse
  • Volunteer at listening place, a charity which provideds face to face support for people who are suicidal
  • BA and MPhil in Linguistics from UCL and Cambridge

Interests: Music (both listening and playing), cooking, travelling, politics, photography

Tricia Bohn

Why Mind in Haringey?

I live in Haringey but have worked as a GP in Hackney for over 20 years in a practice with a strong commitment to mental health and working with local voluntary organisations. Prior to that I worked in Haringey and Hackney as a Youth and Community worker. I have several close family members affected by mental health problems so I would like to support Mind in Haringey in continuing to provide strong and flexible services for local people.


  • Co-opted to the Board of Trustees in May 2016.
  • Work experience with young people and people with physical and learning disabilities, providing sup-port and access to education and employment.
  • Primary Care liaison between GPs and voluntary organisations in Hackney. GP lead on dementia and learning disabilities.
  • Committee member of voluntary organisations including Derman, Turkish Counselling Services.
  • Volunteer for Medical Justice, visiting detainees in Immigration Detention Centres.
  • Experience of working in local campaigns, women's health campaigns and wider issues.

Interests: Film and theatre and hiking. Local and health campaigns.

Louise McNamara

Why Mind in Haringey?

I became a trustee of Mind in June 2017 and am continually impressed and inspired by the work they do in our local community - the support groups they run, the issues they highlight, the help and advice they provide to people struggling with a whole range of mental health problems. I have seen at close hand the devastating impact that mental illness can have on people's lives, and on the lives of those around them, and it is heartening to know that no matter how desperate people may feel at times, there is always help and support available at places like Mind.


  • Co-opted to the Board of Trustees in June 2017
  • I am an English graduate and my professional background is in publishing, with particular experience in health and self-help books.
  • I volunteer at a Mind community support group and as part of an enablement programme, working one-on-one with clients to support them to live more independently.

David Mosse

Why Mind in Haringey?

I live in Haringey and am strongly committed to improving mental health services. My personal experience of bereavement by suicide has made me passionate about suicide prevention and working against mental health stigma. As a Trustee for Mind in Haringey I want to learn from the experiences of service users, volunteers, staff and fellow board members.


  • Trustee at Mind in Haringey since May 2015.
  • Chair of the Haringey Suicide Prevention Group and member of the Alliance of Suicide Preven-tion Charities (TASC).
  • A career working on community-based approaches to poverty reduction and human develop-ment internationally (e.g., Oxfam in India).
  • University professor and head of the SOAS Anthropology Dept, and also involved in student mental health issues.
  • Trustee of a development NGO (Village Service Trust) working in rural south India, and member of the Governing Body of SOAS University of London.

Interests: Cycling, running, walking in the countryside, dogs, music, reading, India.

Leath Al Obaidi

Why Mind in Haringey? 

Mental health problems can affect anyone, anywhere and anytime. I’ve seen how insufficiently treated mental health issues can have devastating effects to the patient and loved ones. Mind in Haringey (MiH) is a space of support and helps vulnerable people to recover. Therefore, I’m keen to be part of this invaluable supportive network that MiH provides us with; no one should battle mental health problems on their own.


Interest in health economics and published in this field

Paramedic for the Arbeiter Samariter Bund Österreich

Co-owner of a taxi company in Vienna for five years

MSc. in Economics from University of Nottingham

Interests: Travelling, reading non-fictional books (mainly economics), programming and visualising data, playing the guitar, any racket sport (table tennis, tennis, squash) and skiing

Richard Popple 

Why Mind in Haringey?

Mental health is a huge part of my life and something, which I want to educate myself and others in.  My work involves public speaking and high levels of communication and listening skills, which I bring to MIND in order to develop existing relationships and help to improve the superb mental health services already in place.  I highly value the work MIND is capable of and wish to be a part of that continued excellence.


  • Co-opted to the Board of Trustees at Mind in Haringey in April 2017
  • Trainer and facilitator for both the private and public sectors, including the NHS, London MET and  TFL.
  • Freelance actor, writer and core artist with Coney and Punchdrunk Enrichment theatre companies
  • Experienced in  creating socially  engaging  work aimed at educating and entertaining audiences from different demographic backgrounds
  • Experienced schools workshop facilitator and drama tutor, working with students to improve performance skills and confidence levels.
  • Volunteer with BuddyHub

Elima Stamou

Ghazal Tipu

Why Mind in Haringey?

I recognise that mental health is a key and prevalent issue of our times, affected by current social and economic issues including poverty, homelessness, austerity, and an ageing demographic. I laud the work of Mind for providing vital local mental health services and for raising awareness about the prevalence of mental health issues and removing the stigma attached to it. 


  • I am a charity communications professional with nearly five years of experience in online and off-line communications, including copy and news writing, designing reports and graphics, project management, and photo and video editing. 
  • Recent key achievements include project managing the delivery of a new WordPress website, managing a rebranding project and organising a high-profile 20th anniversary summit at a leading education policy think-tank.

Interests: Cycling, cooking, English literature and writing.

Susanna Charlwood

Norman Hamilton 

Catherine West - Patron of Mind in Haringey 


Why Mind in Haringey?

Mind in Haringey do such important work supporting people with mental health problems and I am honoured to be a Patron.  1 in 4 people will experience mental health issues in their lifetime and I will keep doing everything I can in Parliament to argue for increased investment in mental health services to address years of underfunding and for mental health to genuinely receive the same priority as physical health so that people can access the support they need when they need it