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Other services

We are a non-clinical mental health charity, and there may be times that we are unable to provide the specific service that an individual is looking for. We have compiled several documents of alternative services to contact. The vast majority of these services are based in Haringey and targeted at residents of the borough.

Early Help in Haringey

All parents will at some point struggle with parenting their children and may need some practical support for a while, or advice on what to do when parenting becomes a challenge. Haringey’s Early Help Partnership can provide you with effective parenting support. Early help in Haringey can be offered by all of the services and providers,  internal, external, voluntary and community based, that enable families to achieve long-term, positive outcomes, become more resilient, and prevent the escalation of their needs. To find out more about these services by going to Parenting - Haringey  on this website you will find the ‘Parenting Support’ document which provides details of  up-to-date parenting programmes, workshops, along with a variety of other services offering various forms of support to Haringey’s Parents.

Select link to find out more about Haringey’s Early Help Service. Early Help Service - Haringey

Also see video link Early help Video 

Advocacy and Advice services (including housing)

This list includes services such as NHS complaints advocacy, Apex House accomodation service, and Voiceability Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy.

Advocacy and Advice Services

Haringey Council now have a webpage listing their housing services, you can see it here: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/housing/housing-services-directory/housing-services-directory-housing 

Mindline Trans+ is a confidential helpline for people who identify as Trans, non-binary or gender fluid that provides a safe place to talk about feelings confidentially and receive signposting to appropriate services and support. www.mindline.org

- An app to help those struggling to find a free meal. Aimed primarily at those who are homeless, it can be accessed with just one word: nextmeal. https://nextmeal.co.uk 

Self Injury Support is a national organisation that supports girls and women affected by self-injury or self-harm.  It holds a collection of guidance, research and useful educational tools from many different sources and provides a wealth of information for those that self-injure, concerned others and professionals.  https://www.selfinjurysupport.org.uk/

Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity: http://england.shelter.org.uk/

Crisis Support

Please see our page on Crisis Support here

Counselling services

Includes NHS counselling services and online/telephone counselling services.

Alternative Counselling Services

Mental Health Information

National Mind has a directory of mental health conditions and related issues.  See: https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/a-z-mental-health/   

Other local Mind branches

Mind in Enfield

Web: http://mind-in-enfield.org.uk/

Telephone: 020 8887 1480 

Email: adviceteam@mind-in-enfield.org.uk

Mind in Islington

Web: http://www.islingtonmind.org.uk/

Phone: 020 3301 9850

Email: admin@islingtonmind.org.uk

Mind in Camden

Web: http://www.mindincamden.org.uk/

Telephone: 020 7911 0822

Email: admin@mindincamden.org.uk

Mind in City & Hackney

Web: http://www.cityandhackneymind.org.uk/

Telephone: 020 8525 2301

Email: services@cityandhackneymind.org.uk

Support for friends and family

Rethink offer information and advice to friends and family members of those affected by mental health, and have some support groups throughout the country: https://www.rethink.org/carers-family-friends

Sane offer many different types of support, including by phone, text, email, or online forums: http://www.sane.org.uk/what_we_do/support/

Mind's national website has a page dedicated to supporting someone else with a mental health problem: http://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/helping-someone-else/