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Half Marathon Fundraiser

Jennie's Story:

'I’m not a runner. In fact, the thought of doing a half marathon fills me with dread. But, I've taken the plunge and I'll be lacing up my fancy luminous running shoes to run, walk or crawl through the Ealing Half Marathon. I'm running to support Mind, the mental health charity. I chose to support Mind in Haringey after seeing the amazing work that they do to help people living with mental health issues.

From gardening groups to subsidised counselling, Mind in Haringey uses a variety of mechanisms and outreach programmes to support thousands of people through difficult times. What I love about Mind, is that it builds communities of people living with mental health issues so they can lift each other through the tough times.

Please help to support this vital work and enable Mind in Haringey to continue to play such an important role in our community.'

Jennie has since completed the Ealing Half Marathon, and raised a staggering 616.61 for Mind in Haringey. Way to go Jennie!