What is Haringey Reach and Connect? 

‘Haringey Reach and Connect’ is a borough-wide support service for older people aged 50+, delivered by Public Voice CIC in partnership with Mind in Haringey, HAIL, Wise Thoughts and Haringey Over 50s Forum.

Reach and Connect is delivered by eight Community Connectors from a range of community settings in eight localities within Haringey (yet to be defined), supported by a Programme Manager and Director. 

The service is available to all Haringey residents 50+ in person, by e-mail and telephone and provides information, guidance and support to enable individuals to build skills, networks and confidence to achieve their goals.

As well as universal support to all 50+ residents, brief interventions of approximately five hours over two weeks are offered to support people to manage and move through the initial impact of significant life events. 

The aim of this short-term intensive support is to help people to manage acute issues that commonly lead to homelessness, hospitalisation (or re-admission), depression or escalation in social care need events such as: 

• Returning home from hospital     • Financial crisis  

• Long term illness                       • Moving home

• Early-onset dementia                 • A fall or injury

• Experiencing a bereavement       • A break-in or experience of crime 

Reach and Connect provides low to medium level support, but is flexible and responsive to the multiple needs of service users.

Community Connectors Community Connectors work across the borough from a range of settings. Our community connector team are local experts, gathering and sharing information about local opportunities, non-service based activities and support for older people, bringing them together and supporting them to remain confident and independent in their everyday lives.

Connectors actively seek to provide the service to all older people at risk of social isolation, and in particular LGBTQI+, disabled, BAME and socio-economically disadvantaged groups.

Haringey Reach and Connect  |  Mission / Vision / Values

Our Mission To provide opportunities to make life in Haringey a fulfilling and positive experience for people over 50, reducing isolation, loneliness and inequality, and providing the right support at the right time for all over 50s whenever they need it, so that they can retain independence in their own home and achieve their hopes and aims regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity/reassignment, disability, class, religion or belief, or HIV status.

Our Vision Our vision is a Haringey where everyone over 50 can love life in a borough that treats them fairly, positively, equally, supportively and with respect, enabling them to live fulfilling, connected, active and independent lives.

Our Values Our core values focus on over 50s in Haringey, are at the heart of how we work,    and guide the decisions we make.

We help people to feel connected to others, enabling them to live fulfilling,  active and independent lives. l We help people to achieve their objectives, developing our support by responding to their personal hopes and aims. l We involve people so that they are active participants in the design, development,    delivery and evaluation of our service offer. l We strive to build a Haringey where over 50s feel comfortable,  safe and secure at home. l We help people to understand, protect and sustain their mental health and wellbeing, introducing the elements that build resilience into everyday life.

What you can expect from us:

We treat everyone equally and with respect, ensuring that diversity is valued and equality of opportunity promoted.

We are warm, approachable and reliable, and act with understanding and sensitivity.

We are open to test and learn positive approaches to resolving issues faced by over 50s.

We are informed and inspired by over 50s.

We respect and value the skills, knowledge and diversity of our staff and volunteers

Contact us:

Website: https://reachandconnect.net/first-contact-referral-form

Phone:020 3196 1905

Email: hello@reachandconnect.net