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Is Mind in Haringey the same as national Mind?
Our organisation is part of the wider national Mind charity federation, this means we have a strong affiliation to national Mind and abide by their standards and guidelines. However, we are an independently funded local charity whose aim is to provide services primarily for Haringey residents. We also have good relationships with other local services and charities within Haringey and neighbouring London Minds. 

Is it still possible to use your services if I do not live in the borough of Haringey?
Mind in Haringey is aimed primarily at Haringey residents. Sometimes if your own borough does not have a local Mind association or a similar organisation that can address your needs, it is possible to use the services provided by Mind in Haringey. For further details about your local mind please go the national Mind website.

Can I have a say about what activities Mind in Haringey run?
We often ask for your views about the activities we offer and the ways in which we can improve. Feel free to contact us by email or through the website if you have any particular comments or recommendations you would like to make. We also have a service user forum which meets bi-monthly, giving you the opportunity to give us feedback and learn about upcoming events and activities. Mind in Haringey has a strong commitment to service user involvement, to learn more about our service user involvement policy please click here

Can you lend/give me money?
Mind in Haringey cannot lend or give you any money, but we can listen to your concerns and help you through our advocacy service to contact an alternative service that can address your financial needs. 

I am worried about someone’s mental wellbeing- what should I do?
Please see our crisis information page for advice and contact details for mental health crisis services in the borough. Mind in Haringey is not a crisis service and cannot provide crisis support.

Do I have to pay to access Mind in Haringey’s services?
Mind in Haringey is only partially funded to provide the services that we offer, this means that some services will expect you to make a contribution towards the costs of running the service. The contributions are worked out depending on your income so that they are accessible to everyone. For further details please see the services pages.