Emotional Support Project

Due to leave prison and feeling lost?

The Emotional Support Project will:

  • Support you within 3-6 months of your release
  • Work with you to plan your future
  • Help you build self-esteem
  • Offer continued support after release from prison
  • Help prepare you to return to the community
  • Help you to manage anger

The Emotional Support Project will help you take the steps from being a teenager to becoming a self-sufficient adult. We can help you overcome issues with anger, build your confidence and improve your self-esteem.

The Coping With Life Skills programme is fully prepared to support you; the programme will give you the tools to develop personally through a new innovative cognitive behavioural model.

The road to independence starts here!

  • Individual 1:1 sessions with a project worker.
  • The Coping With Life Skills programme includes 8 weeks where you will be part of a group of individuals who have faced similar situations to yourself.
  • You have the opportunity of counselling if you feel it would benefit you.
  • Life coaching sessions where you can set goals and plan for a successful future.

Contact: Clory Salmon - clory.salmon@mih.org.uk 0208 340 2474

Going to prison isn't the end of the line.