Counselling FAQs

How can I make an appointment?

Clients can be referred by an agent such as their GP or they can self-refer. Please call 0208 340 2474 or email to request a referral form or download a form from our website. A referral form and information pack will then be sent out to you. 

Do I need to be referred?

Mind in Haringey’s counselling service can accept referrals from professionals such as your GP or a client can refer themselves. If a referral is made by someone other than the client, then the referrer must have the consent of the client and the form must be signed by the client.  

How much does it cost?

Mind in Haringey offers a low-cost counselling service during office hours for clients on limited incomes and sessions cost between 5 and 30 per session.  

Mind in Haringey also offers evening and Saturday morning counselling sessions which cost 35 per session.

Please download our Sliding Scale of Contributions to find out how much you would expect to pay.

Sliding Scale of Contributions

How long does the counselling last and how long are the sessions?

Access to Mind in Haringey’s counselling service is limited to 16 sessions (daytime service) or 24 sessions (evening service) and each session lasts for 50 minutes. Once you have reached the end of your counselling sessions, a counsellor may be able to signpost you to other counselling services in the borough, should you wish to have further counselling appointments.  

Is relationship counselling or Family Therapy available?

Mind in Haringey only offers one to one counselling sessions, however, many people find one to one counselling helps with inter relationship issues. 

Is there childcare available?

Mind in Haringey is not able to provide any child care and we ask that you do not bring children along to the Mind in Haringey office whilst you are receiving counselling. If childcare is an issue for you, please discuss this during your assessment. 

I do not live in Haringey- will I still be eligible for counselling at Mind in Haringey?

We can accept referrals from any of our surrounding boroughs. 

Can I make an appointment for someone else? 

Counselling is a big commitment, if a person is too distressed to make the initial call; there is a good chance that they would not be in a position to fully participate in a counselling session. If you are concerned that someone you know maybe experiencing a crisis, please take a look at our crisis information page. If someone you know asks you to make the referral on their behalf, please make sure that they sign the referral form and that they are happy for you to make the referral.  

Will what I say be kept confidential? 

Mind in Haringey has a strong commitment to confidentiality and the counselling service takes confidentiality very seriously. If you would like further information on our confidentiality policy, please click here. All counsellors at Mind in Haringey are bound by our confidentiality policy and adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy.  

What kind of problems can the counselling service deal with?

The counselling service can help you with many problems that are causing you emotional distress. Many of our counsellors have specialist skills in areas such as: 



Family issues


Sexual abuse

Significant loss


What can I do in a crisis? 

Mind in Haringey is not a crisis service. If you or someone you know is in crisis, please see our crisis information page for information about local services who may be better suited to providing crisis care.