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Assessment of counselling clients

The aim of assessment

1. To give the client the opportunity to explore the difficulties they are experiencing  

2. To provide information about the counselling and psychotherapy process

3. To explore, with a counsellor, the suitability of the service offered by Mind in Haringey

4. To enable the counsellor to make an informed decision about the client’s suitability for counselling with Mind in Haringey

5. To enable the counsellor to identify any factors which may contra-indicate counselling at this time, such as a psychiatric history, substance abuse or suicide risk

6. To examine the client’s expectations of counselling, and explore the reality of what can be achieved in the time available. 

7. To decide if an alternative form of help might be more suitable, such as psychiatric or medical help  

8. To provide an opportunity to obtain any additional information required to make an assessment of the clients’ needs, such as a psychiatric or medical opinion.

9. To obtain practical details to assist with the counselling contract, such as the gender and ethnicity of the counsellor, G.P. details, times and days available, and fees 

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