Brief Interventions & Advocacy

Offered as part of the Haringey Wellbeing Network.

Brief Interventions & Advocacy aims to support Haringey residents with moderate to severe mental health problems towards independence and better wellbeing, as part of the Haringey Wellbeing Network.

The service provides brief interventions which support clients to manage their illness and their personal or social circumstances, signposting to community groups and activities, information and time limited advocacy, referral to other services, and wellbeing support plans up to 3 months.

The service is intended to support people to make sustainable changes to their lives and so improve their wellbeing.

The service will:

  • Use motivational interviewing to complete personalised assessments and goal plans, focused on improving resilience and self-confidence
  • Assist with service navigation, understanding and exercising choices about support and making onward referrals, primarily using social prescribing
  • Provide time-limited support and encouragement to complete identified goals
  • Offer time limited, issue based advocacy to assist with making decisions about your treatment, care and support
  • Offer time limited, issue based advocacy to assist with resolutions to social, personal or practical issues that are of concern to you, by ensuring that your voice is heard and that you understand and can utilise your civil and human rights
  • Support you to develop a range of natural supports, including self-advocacy and self-management, and so reduce your need to access intensive, high cost services.

Population covered

This service accepts referrals from Haringey residents and/or people registered with a Haringey GP, aged 18 years or over, with a diagnosed or suspected moderate to severe mental illness, who are not under the Care Programme Approach.

For a list of alternative Advocacy & Advice services, please click here

Making a complaint about local health and social care services.

If you have a complaint about the services you received at a hospital you should contact:

Whittington Hospital
Tel: 020 7288 5551

Chase Farm Hospital
Tel: 0208 216 4924

North Middlesex University Hospital
Tel: 0208 887 3172

If you have a complaint about Mental Health Services you should contact:

The Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust Patient Experience Team
Tel: 0208 702 3932

Further Information

For further information about what Advocacy is, please click here.