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Advocacy Statement from Mind in Haringey 

Mental Health Advocacy in Haringey

Haringey Council provided funding for general mental health advocacy for over 23 years. Mind in Haringey were contracted to run this service and did so for its duration.

In December 2014, this funding was withdrawn, despite our campaign to save the service.

Haringey Council re-tendered the provision of advocacy services to ensure compliance with the new Care Act (2014). Under the act mental health service users requiring local authority advocacy services are now required to undergo assessment and care planning. These services are currently provided by Voiceability

Mental Health Advocacy for BME service users

Since 1995 Mind in Haringey have been contracted by the NHS (now NHS Clinical Commissioning Group) to run a separate mental health advocacy service for black and minority ethnic service users.

It was set up in response to research that found people from BME communities were (and continue to be) over-represented on a national level in statutory mental health services.

Currently further funding for this service is uncertain, and it is possible that it may also have to close or be re-tendered in future.

Our Position

Mind in Haringey are committed to equality and ensuring that all our service users are able to access the help they need.

We understand that the current situation regards mental health advocacy may appear unfair to non-BME service users, however it is important to remember that an advocacy service does continue; it is just being delivered by a different organisation.

We are disappointed to no longer be able to run a general advocacy service and are concerned that we may soon be unable to provide the BME advocacy service. We will continue to campaign for further funding in both areas so that we can help as many people in our community as possible.

View our Advocacy Statement in pdf format.