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In 2014 we celebrated 40 years of delivering vital services to people in our community experiencing mental health problems. From our small beginnings in 1974, delivering a Sunday lunch club from a church hall, we have grown into a well respected and important community asset.

Throughout 2014, we celebrated this milestone through a number of special events and fundraising campaigns. We want to include the whole community because without you we wouldn't be here today.

As part of the celebrations, 80 amazing people abseiled down the Broadgate Tower to fundraise for us. A fantastic day was had by all and we raised almost 40,000! We were honestly overwhelmed by the huge positive response to this event, the generosity of all who donated, and of course the bravery and spirit of the abseilers! Everyone went above and beyond for this event, but we'd like to give an extra shout out to the Ernst & Young team who raised the most money as a group, and to Sara Young who was our highest individual fundraiser. Thank you all!

To find out more about what we're doing, check out our upcoming events page, or email admin@mih.org.uk